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Membership Perks: 2 free virtual jewelry styling sessions for the year. After the first regular price purchase customer is eligible for "membership benefits" (pink tab below) to receive KT diva discounts on all future orders. Discounts vary based on the customers purchase level. Individual coupon codes will be provided via email. 


As a member your signup is a commitment to purchase at minimum 4 items per year. If purchase is made individually then the lowest discount will apply until the next level is obtained. Membership levels are: 'party girl', 'diva' and 'platinum diva'.  Your membership year starts the day of signup through the following year. At the end of the year a membership renewal update is required to maintain your benefits. No worries, an automated email will remind you to renew.

Members also are automatically eligible to join our exclusive facebook jewelry buyers group. Where members get the opportunity to virtually shop inside Madam KT's local supply store as she walks and gives a personal tour of new jewelry collections.

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